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​OPAL Regular Activities

Monday​Drop In
(office open)
​10am -1pm​OPAL Welcome In office^​Free​No
​Men's Group (monthly)Variable​Variable^​Variable​Yes** (£4)
 ​Luncheon Club​12pm - 2pmWelcome In
​£4​Yes (£4)**

Carer's Group​Variable​Variable​Variable​Yes(variable)​

Tuesday​Drop In
(office open) ​
10am - 1pm​OPAL Welcome In office​^​Free​No

Luncheon Club​12.45pm - 2.30pm​Welcome In ^+​£4
Remember When Group (fortnightly)​1.45pm - 3.45pm​Friends Meeting House, New Adel Lane^​​£3
​Yes (free)
Chair Exercise Class​
​2pm - 3.15pm​The Welcome In^+​£4​Yes (£1)

Tea Dance (fortnightly)​​2pm - 4pm​Adel Community Centre, New Adel Lane^£2.50​​No

​WednesdayDrop In (office)​​10am - 12​Holt Park OPAL office^​Free​No

​Tai Chi​10.15 - 11.15am​Bramhope Methodist Church£4​​No
​Gentle Exercise​11am - 12pm​The Stables, Back Church Lane, Adel​£4​Yes (£1)

​ThursdayDrop In (office)​10am - 1pm​Welcome In​OPAL office^​Free​No
Tai Chi​10am - 11am​​Adel Community Centre, New Adel Lane​£4​No

Table Tennis​ (fortnightly)10.30am -11.30pm​The Welcome In​

Knit and Natter (fortnightly)

11am - 12.30pm​The Welcome In ^£1​Yes(£4)​

Coffee Morning (fortnightly)​11am - 12.30pm​The Welcome In​^​£1
Dru ​Yoga11am - 12.15pm​
​Friends Meeting House, New Adel Lane​£5​No
​Shopping Trips (fortnightly)​12.15pm - 4.15pm​Various (usually Owlcotes, Pudsey)^+​£4​Yes (free)**
​Bramhope Meeting Point2pm - 4pm​​Bramhope Methodist Church^​£2​Yes (£4)

Chair Exercise Class​​2pm - 3.15pm​The Welcome In^+​£4​Yes (£1)

​FridayDrop In (office)​​10am - 1pm​Welcome In OPAL office^​Free​No

Luncheon Club
12 & 1pm​ 
The Welcome In +​£4 
​Coffee Afternoon​1pm - 3pm​The Welcome In^ ​£1​Yes** (£4)
OtherDays TripsVariable​​Variable^+​Variable​Yes** (£4)
Computer lessons​Variable
At Welcome In or own home
£5 office
£10 home

** Transport is wheelchair accessible

^ OPAL staff/volunteers on hand to give assistance and support

+ Advance booking is essential

​​Download a pdf copy of our activity leaflet below